Small Stream Trout fishing in Michigan


60 Plymouth copy

I am a Scientist 

This is an original song written a few years ago and recorded at Frontier Recording, Copemish Michigan with my friend, guitar god Scott Zylstra.

I also recorded it in my basement office also using a Zoom Q2n-4k.

“Without a Hitch” by Wrong Agenda is a music CD with 12 original songs written by Luther and inspired by Alfred Hitchcock movies.  Recorded at Frontier Recording, Copemish, Michigan with producer and guitar master Scott Zylstra. Available for purchase in the Items for Sale tab. It’s also available for loan at the Kent District Library, a library collective for Kent County, Michigan. If you have a library card you can reserve a copy and have it sent to your local library.

39 Steps (from Without a Hitch)

Notorious  (from Without a Hitch)

Dead End Road  (from Preston Arendson)

Scott Zylstra, vocal & guitar, Jack Grant, harmony and bass. I was fortunate to play in a band called Preston Arendson with these guys. I wrote the song, they did the recording with an old Teac reel-to-reel  about the time the band broke up. Listen for Jack’s amazing harmony come in on the chorus. The song was never played in public. The band was comprised of Scott, Jack, Abe Rhorda (song writer and amazing vocalist), and myself. No other band in Grand Rapids was cranking out as much original material as Preston Arendson, so we had that interesting niche.

Ghost Brown Trout in the Stream

This song is a re-write, for trout fishermen, of the old classic song “Ghost Riders in the Sky.”  This song is home recorded with free software and flowing beer. This song features Feral on electric mandolin. Our band, including Natch on bongos (at trout camp) goes by the name: Rock Bottom and the Out of Tuners.

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