Small Stream Trout fishing in Michigan

Vintage Coleman Single Burner

I made a bit of a haul this morning at an estate sale in Ada, Michigan. It was day 2 of the sale and everything was 50% off. I found two thick anthologies, one of ghost stories and the other science fiction, both like new for a dollar a piece, a 3-pack of D’Addario Phos. Bronze guitar strings for two dollars, an extra large denim shirt I am going to douse with permethrin tick spray for mushroom hunting, one dollar. But the best find was out in a shed.

A vintage Coleman single burner propane stove. This caught me by surprise because I wasn’t aware of Coleman using this design whereby the propane tank provides a third leg to the base. I have one of these by another maker which you may have seen in earlier posts. It is a very practical design- just pull out the legs, attach the propane, set it on the table and light it. I found one of these early Coleman’s for sale online which they claim is circa 1955 but I would be surprised if it were that old because I’m not sure the propane tanks have been around that long! Anyway – I paid six dollars.

The trout season starts the last Saturday in April and Feral, Natch and Jake have been emailing trying to figure out a plan. The only thing we seem to agree on is two spring trout camps this year, one up by Baldwin and one by Vanderbilt. The first trout camp includes this twist of entertainment – bring an interesting bottle opener, whether hand made or antique or just unusual. It is safe to say the bottle openers will get some use…

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3 thoughts on “Vintage Coleman Single Burner

  1. Andy Harter on said:

    Hi. My wife told me about you guys.

    I recently retired and live very close to Bray Creek campground. If you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods, I would be honored to “share the stage with you” at one of your campfire concerts. I’m a drummer and like playing djembe every once in a while.


  2. Thanks Andy for you interest in jamming. Not sure you could call it a concert when a couple guys drink a few beers and attempt a few songs after a long day of fishing, but we try! If you see us camping at Bray Creek or Leverentz stop in and say hi. It makes it interesting when another musician stops by to jam. -Luth

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Sounds great. I frequent both areas and will be looking out for you guys. Andy

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