Small Stream Trout fishing in Michigan

Trout Camp Highlights

a constantly changing post.. decided to put the images into an 8×10. Current fichigan crew as of last fall’s trout camp.

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4 thoughts on “Trout Camp Highlights

  1. beacivil on said:

    You’ve knocked it out of the park with those watercolor portraits !!!  Wonderful!!!

  2. Scott Blystone on said:

    Hi, I found this blog while searching for new canvas for my Apache Scout. Seems like you have one or two. Sadly, before I could get a new canvas made, mine was destroyed by insects and Gregory’s Canvas (who had original patterns) has gone out of business. Several places will make a new canvas if they have one for a pattern. I was wondering if you still needed a new canvas and were willing to join forces? I would be willing to subsidize your replacement if I could piggy back on using your original canvas as a pattern. I was thinking of using Bear Creek Canvas in Wisconsin. I am in Syracuse NY, but willing to make the trip. Let me know what you think. This camper has been in my family since the early 60’s and I would love to redo it.

    • Hi Scott, Jake Idema from trout camp has Feral’s old JC Higgen’s scout camper, made by Vesley for Sears. It may be identical to your scout camper. You can likely find a photo if you type “scout” in the fichigan search engine . Jake has the whole canvas but it is in rough shape – he wants new canvas. wordpress doesn’t give me your email address and I don’t know if this new response will reach you. You can reach me buy commenting on any post on fichigan. If it has you personal contact info I will pass it on to Jake and delete the comment so your info is not posted.

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