Small Stream Trout fishing in Michigan

Trout Camp on the Calendar

Deciding when to meet for spring trout camp is getting a little complicated. Natch asked Feral and me about our plans. I’ll let Feral explain:

Hi Fellas. Snotgold here.
I was talking to Feral and he said he was talking to Ironclad.  Ironclad was talking to Jake in an effort to sort out this opener thing.  Bob, (the other one of me) will fish anywhere anytime for anything with anyone.  Snotgold told Feral to tell me that Jake is coming down for the real opener.  He like everybody else has to put in ahead of time for a day or two off.  Bob told him anytime was good but had no idea when anybody else would show up.  Snotgold told Ironclad that he thought Harmonica Mike and Outhouse sitter Denny were going for the first week….That was the latest Bob could get from Luther at the time.  Judging from all Feral has heard, nobody knows what’s going on!  So, Feral, Bob and Snotgold are all agreed.  We will be hunting for treasure and fishing with Jake and Ironclad right around Baldwin starting the twenty eighth.  Anyone who wishes to join us will be more than welcome.  I hope this helps clear things up for you Natch.

Here’s a clue about Snotgold. Feral took up metal detecting.

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