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Mosquito Art and Lager Fest 2020

If you read the earlier posts about Mosquito Art starting back at spring trout camp it would help explain the artwork we set up last weekend at Pickerel Lake. We had the summer to work on entries. I did three paintings but two were purely for the entertainment of my fishing buddies. Feral and Natch each brought artwork. One of Jake’s friends had him bring a tiny chair piece but my photo turned out blurry. So not a lot of art but we did have a lot of fun.

Without further ado here was my main entry, called M-80s. We used to hear fireworks go off down on the bend of the river where we first spotted the white chair. I speculated about what might be just beyond the hill.  There is some glare from the plexiglass but you can see the composition. That’s a tiny box of M80’s on the white table.

Feral’s entry, below, was political. He tried to explain it to us but he gets pretty abstract in his ideas and even more abstract in his execution. I may need a written explanation for this post.

Natch’s entry, below, was a two-piece sculpture including a chair and store manikin. If the purpose of art is to challenge viewers to reflect on the world they live in, then Natch is the clear winner. His entry was a topic of conversation throughout the weekend – from humor to concern.  He’s a very talented graphic artist so I was expecting something quite different.

On the second night I brought out my second artwork which was framed “book cover” art and a pocket book I produced on Lulu publishing. The book contains some mildly ribald, funny short stories about the adventures of Feral, Natch and Luther. And some other short stories including horror and science fiction. I put the artwork up in the campfire light and read the new Feral, Natch and Luther stories as part of the art experience. My cohorts were pretty entertained. I brought copies of the book for everyone that showed up. I am tempted to donate a couple to the Kent District Library but I am not sure how they would be received. I’m afraid the book would be judged by the “pulp fiction” cover, not by the writing.

I should mention that Denny joined us. He didn’t bring an art entry ( I was disappointed – he’s a professional photographer) but he did bring a guitar he built  himself. A Martin D-28 kit. It sounded incredible and I wish we would have spent more time jamming. I brought a small bass guitar to camp because Natch showed some interest in trying bass. He is left-handed so it was awkward until he turned it upside down, which made my questionable instruction a bit tricky. He was knocking out some basic bass to some of our best jams so I hope he considers pursuing it.

We did go fishing. It was fall trout camp. Rivers were low and clear, no large migratory brown trout. Somehow Natch caught a lunker. I swear Feral and I need to rethink our big fish strategies if we hope to compete. Seems like every year, no matter how tough the fishing, Natch takes a nice brown. This one measured 20 and 1/2 inches.

With Covid still in play we cooked all of our meals at camp. I bought a propane griddle that we used for breakfast and supper which turned out to be pretty handy. You can cook just about anything on them and clean-up was easy.

So we’ll do this again, another Mosquito Art Fest, probably based on some obscure observation at spring trout camp.

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