Small Stream Trout fishing in Michigan

Feral & Luther Books

A couple years ago as I wrote and illustrated a couple children’s books (see below) on the heroic adventures of Feral and Luther. In “The Broken Muffler” our heroes save the state Governor and her family through a series of mishaps. I sent a copy of this to our previous state Governor Jennifer Granholm because I was afraid I had her likeness a little to close. She wrote back saying the book was wonderfully original and she had added it to her personal lending library for friends.

The second book, The Hunting Cabin, is another heroic adventure with an auspicious start – Luther and Feral lose a truck and win some hunting land in a card game, which may be a little much for children (until you consider the video games young boys are playing). After building a hunting cabin they solve a mystery and save two nuns from Edward Bug, the con man.

Note that these are copyrighted so please enjoy on this website only, or on issuu dot com.

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