Small Stream Trout fishing in Michigan

Feral Moves

Feral Tweed moved last week from Baldwin up to Black River, a tiny hamlet just south of Alpena, Michigan. He’s my main fishing buddy and that puts about four hours of driving between us. Baldwin was easy. I’d pick him up and we’d hit some of the best trout streams in lower Michigan, some minutes from his house. Or we’d camp at Leverentz Lake or Bray Creek, or remote camp on the Pine River. He lived in Baldwin for fourteen years and made the move further north to be closer to his kids, Jake and Patricia. I can understand. What saves me is knowing we can still meet up in the Pigeon River State Game Area for fishing trips and he assures me he can meet me back down in the Baldwin area too.

I worked several days with Feral fixing up the Baldwin property. Power washing, paint, deck maintenance, some plumbing, misc. stuff old guys can figure out. The little bungalow looks pretty good. If you google 660 Beech Street, Baldwin, Michigan you can see his house for sale. If you know someone that needs an up north get-away this might make sense. Lake County has the most liberal ORV laws in the state – you can drive on any roads other than M-37 or Highway 10. Incredible trout streams. Scores of fishing lakes. A five minute walk to downtown shops including Jone’s Ice Cream.

660 Beech

His new place in Black River is a fixer-upper. After working with him I am assured he can do wonders with the new place. He has a high IQ including mechanical so figuring out how to rebuild a house from the inside out will not present any difficulty. I’ll help but need to work the very long drive into the equation.

This morning I drove up to the Pine River hoping some passing thunderstorms muddied up the river. Normally I would have stopped by to pick up Feral. I caught supper in the first five minutes. A nice keeper about 17 inches. I needed Feral to catch the second trout.

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4 thoughts on “Feral Moves

  1. Brendon on said:

    I’m right by woodys bar and will gladly meet you in Baldwin to be picked up in place of feral…..?
    In all honesty, I’m up there every weekend and would love to meet up someday.

    • Brendon, I am not sure how to respond. I will probably be making long trips to meet up with Feral and Natch also. Hard to explain but with lifelong buddies the extra miles disappear and there’s a camaraderie that’s irreplaceable. Years and years of spontaneous jokes. Thank you, though. If you see us at one of the campgrounds stop in – be good to meet you. – Luth

  2. Jeanette Locher on said:

    What price for house ?

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