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I thought I might sell a couple things on the blog in order to pay the overhead which doesn’t really amount to much – so don’t feel any obligation! I posted a music CD I produced in the 90s that was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock movies. It’s a little dark which you might suspect. You can hear two songs from the CD on the songs page/tab which are typical of the professional production. If you are in Kent County, MI and have a library card you can likely borrow the CD from the Kent District Library system – do a search for Without a Hitch by Wrong Agenda.

Just added: a short story collection featuring four mildly ribald fishing stories written as part of the Mosquito Art Contest / fall trout camp. A word of warning – these stories made good entertainment for inebriated fishing buddies but may not be suitable for puritanical dowagers. The book contains other stories ranging from horror to science fiction and also features a story by Feral which I consider one of the best fishing stories I have ever read. I painted the pulp fiction cover starting with a portrait photo of a current TV star who may or may not be recognizable.

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