Small Stream Trout fishing in Michigan

Reeds Lake Monday

Sign-up at the Boat Launch

I fished a bass tournament over at Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids yesterday. First time I had the boat out which is always a head scratcher because there are so many things to remember and I usually forget something. Not just what to bring, but the order of things to do before launch and loading up to go home. Let’s just say I did get home OK and the boat is fine.

The fishing was good. I weighed in 5 bass for a total of around 12 lbs. I kept hoping for a lunker bass and lost a couple fish but can’t say they were of any size. I fished the docks mainly, at Roses restaurant and the other large dock to the north. When I signed up to pay the entrance fee the tournament director asked if I was going to start my big motor. It was his way of asking if I was fishing the docks – without saying as much. He remembered me from the last time…

It was a great night to be out on the lake. Shortly after take-off a band started playing in the park. I understand they have live concerts there every other Monday. So I listened to the band and caught fish off the docks. If you can imagine, some boat owners that rent slips at Roses just sit in their boats without taking them out on the lake. Especially the pontoon boats which host small drinking parties. Partiers always ask how I am doing and offer encouragement. When I caught a fish in plain site of folks dining out on the back porch at Roses and I heard some applauding. Happy crowd, good food, good drink, poor entertainment!

The tournament was sponsored by West Michigan Bass – check out their website if you think you would like to try a tournament. Mainly what I want to say is the tournaments are run by nice people and everyone has a great time. Weigh-ins are exciting, you never can tell what will happen and someone usually weighs in a trophy bass.

I ran in to a relative that I met at a family reunion a year ago, Josh Martin, who had a funny story about getting approached by some folks from Tibet that wanted a boat ride. They had never ridden in a boat before. He has a small boat so he encouraged them to ask someone with a big boat but they were adamant, they wanted a ride in his boat. So he took them for a ride out on the lake and they loved it, hooting and hollering the whole time. This happened just before I arrived. They gave him ten bucks which he didn’t want to take. Josh and his fishing partner finished outside of the winnings, like me, but Josh ended up with a great story.

Fishing update: Fished Reeds Lake again (7-17-19), this time with the Mid-Week Therapy Grand Rapids group. Finished 7th with 5 bass, 13.26 lbs. My big bass 4.46 which was 3rd largest for the night. So finished out of the money. Still, a fun, hot night.  I installed a new pump on my front live well but it didn’t work. Also, my front fish finder didn’t power up so I suspect the two are jinxed by a related wire problem. That may help track the problem.  I missed that fish finder – not to spot fish but to find the drop-offs.

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